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Merchant Account Solutions for online media and entertainment

Millions of people worldwide are captivated by the world of , music and entertainment, astrology, psychic readings and the paranormal. Over the last decade and a half, what used to be primarily a brick-and-mortar service has been well-received online. More than ever, consumers are captivated by intent and can enjoy direct interaction thru social media and direct merchants and consults in the privacy of their own homes.

Edata Financial Bankcard Services.

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Software and Tech Support
Direct Response and TV
Legal & Matrimonial Services
E-Commerce business Startups
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Who we are

eData Financial Group LLC


Payments and marketing solutions for your online eShop Business
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Providing you cost and time-saving financial and merchant services to help you streamline your business and increase your bottom. Our strategic partners include financial institutions, credit unions, technology partners, payment processing networks, directors and investors.

Most payment processors and banks turn down high risk and high volume merchants that operate non-traditional businesses such as Health and Beauty ,Adult Content, Adult Goods, Casino, Dating, Gambling, MLM, Nutra, Poker etc. We at eData specialize in providing hall legal bankcards and high risk merchant accounts and other payment processing solutions to these businesses and offer them the ability to accept credit card payments at affordable rates. Apply today and eData Financial Group will show you how to get started. Providing you cost and time-saving financial and merchant services to help you streamline your business and increase your bottom line.

Let’s discuss about your Project !

Let’s discuss about your Project !

eDataPay Card Brands and Acquiring banks


We have partnered with a variety of banks, alternative lenders, commercial finance companies and hedge funds to provide the capital you need. * Lines of Credit - Unsecured lines of credit up to $500K. Secured lines of credit up to $5M. We offer a variety of lower interest rate lines of credit. * Commercial Loans -We offer a variety of commercial loans to refinance or finance property, rental property, or multi-family properties. * Invoice Factoring - Unlock the value trapped in your accounts receivable. Up to 85% of your invoice advanced to you for working capital. * Working Capital Loans - We can provide funds for pretty much any credit or business circumstances.


Now you can grow your business by offering financing to your customers or patients. The data clearly shows consumer financing is a strong growth engine for businesses across all categories that sell higher ticket products or services. We offer programs for strong credit to no credit, plus we give you the ability to extend a variety of 0% interest promotional offers. These offers help drive traffic to your store or website. (In many cases, average transaction size is significantly increased.) We have integrated multiple lending products into one platform, resulting in more approvals and less declines.

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Preserve your credit lines with our equipment or fleet financing programs. SURV Financial has exclusive partnerships with multiple direct lending companies to ensure you are getting the best terms and rate for your equipment financing. Because of our unique position in the marketplace, we are able to work with a wide range of credit tiers while providing you with personalized U.S. based customer service. We finance transactions as small as $10k to $5M and work with companies in a variety of industries.

What Clients Say.

When Your Insurance Company Won’t Protect You, WE WILL HELP YOU GET PAID WITH NO UPFRONT COST TO YOU!

ASAP restoration did a great job for us. Came in fast with responsible and knowledgeable team. They made sure everything was handled 100%. They documented the work and communicated everything that was happening along the way.

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Get Your Merchant Account Preapproved

High Risk Merchant Payment Processing Solutions

Apply Today, US Banks, EU banks, Latin America and Asia

Accept All Major Credit Cards Regardless of Credit

We Can Get You Approved!

Having trouble getting approved for your high risk merchant account? 

Did you know eDataPay approves 99% of all applicants! With great Local and International Banks. E-wallets processors and Payment providers.

High-Risk Merchant Accounts At Competitive Rates
Here are the industries we support.
High-Risk Industries and Business Types We Serve
Fiat to Crypto sales
Bitcoins and other Crypto Currency coins
High Volume Merchant Account
Ecommerce Merchant Account
Firearm Merchant Account
Adult Merchant Account
Bad Credit Merchant Processing
CBD Merchant Account
Debt Collection Merchant Account
Credit Repair Merchant Account
Continuity Subscription Merchant Account
Dating App Merchant Account
MLM Merchant Account
Travel Merchant Account
Online dating credit card processing
Dating App Merchant Account
Dropshipping Merchant Account
Nonprofits Merchant Account
Sportsbook Merchant Account
Nutraceutical Merchant Account
Tickets brokers MerchantAccount

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